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When not rocking out with the full band, The Brothers Walsh (Mikebass/vocals and Daveguitar/vocals) also like to dial it back a bit and perform as the Whisky Train Acoustic Duo.

One big advantage of a duo (as opposed to a solo act) is vocal harmoniesand Mike and Dave pride themselves on having those special blended harmonies that only siblings possess!

The WT Duo has worked regularly throughout the Mid-Atlantic for many, many years and draw a consistently large following wherever they perform and their diverse song selection is guaranteed to please a crowd of many ages and musical tastes, ranging from old classics all the way up to modern rock tunes.  Additionally, the stripped-down acoustic format allows an outlet to play songs that they usually don't perform with the full band, while still keeping with many of the party rock favorites that get the bar patrons having fun and singing along.  At any given show one can expect to hear a healthy dose of straight-up roots-rock music which includes classic artists such as Tom Petty, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Credence Clearwater Revival, all the way up to current bands like Green Day, Foo Fighters, Jack Johnson, and Jason Isbell.  Occasionally, a few original songs are also peppered in if and when the mood strikes.

Mike & Dave also have an all-original group called The Rockin Ryes.  This "studio band" was created as a means to release original material that is a bit more rootsier than anything recorded with the full group.  Their debut album, "Welcome to The Roaring '20s" is available for download through many major online retailers (Bandcamp, Amazon, and Apple Music); on CD at all live shows and on Amazon; and is available for streaming on Spotify and YouTube. The album was also released on limited edition VINYL (still the best format!).  

The WT Duo is sure to add an added element of excitement to any dock bar, neighborhood pub, backyard party, and any venue that's looking for an entertaining and stripped-down setup paired with a selection of great tunes and lotsa fun.  See 'ya at the next stop!

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